The Struggle Is Real

If we're honest, marriage can be TOUGH. But, it is possible to navigate the struggles and avoid the pitfalls that so often wreck marriages. Join us this Sunday as we kick off a brand new series focused on helping us learn how to have a healthy, life-giving, long-lasting marriage.   

Week 1  |  02/14/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

Marriage Is Worth The Struggle

Have you ever had to eat a hotdog on a piece of sliced bread? What about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a hotdog bun? In both of these cases we can agree that The Struggle is Real. The same could be said for marriage. Marriage is the idea that two different people will come together and live in this one relationship. Join us as we discuss marriages and that anything good is worth the struggle. 

Week 2  |  02/21/2016  |  Joey McLaughlin


A poll was taken that revealed married couples spend an average of 27.5 minutes per week talking with each other, yet they spend 46 hours per week watching TV. This statistic teaches us that one of the most important ingredients in a healthy marriage, communication, is often the one most neglected. Join us as we discuss the importance of communication in creating a healthy marriage. 

Week 3|  02/28/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

The Struggle Is Real - Week 3



Week 4|  03/06/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

A Message About Sex

The topic of sex has always been defined as “the birds and the bees” or “the talk”. Defining sex this way always seems to make it sound awkward or wrong. But that’s not the way it was intended to be. God and His word helps us see the picture of what sex is supposed to look like and how we move to a sexual life that makes us feel whole. Join us as we discuss a message about sex.

Week 5|  03/13/2016|  Steven Gibbs

Q&A With Steven & Debbie Gibbs

Join us this week as Steven and Debby Gibbs answer questions about marriage that you submitted. Below we have placed some of the questions they answered in our Sunday services for you to answer in your Missional Community.