Prepare Him Room

When Jesus was born there was much to be done, as the carol states, “prepare him room.” For us, preparing for Christmas is completely different than it was at the time of his birth. Preparing for Christmas means we navigate the crowds, make plans to visit family and purchase gifts. We decorate our homes and look forward to our annual Christmas traditions. Preparing for Christmas today is less about preparing room for Jesus and more about preparing for the craziness of the Holiday. What if we could do both? Join us this Sunday as we explore how in our Christmas series, Prepare Him Room. 

Week 1  |  12/7/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 4  |  12/24/2014  |  Steven Gibbs | Christmas Eve

Week 2  |  12/14/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 3  |  12/21/2014  |  Steven Gibbs