Never Give Up 

I have known a lot of ups and downs in my life. Whether I’ve followed the Lord or not, I’ve always known someone had my back. My parents divorced when I was a child. My family split up, but now we’re back together. I nearly lost my mom to a tragedy, but now she’s in good health. 

I was told that I couldn’t have children, but now I have two beautiful little girls. My greatest passion has always been motherhood, to pass along the love I have. God gave me something special and rare with my first daughter. During her first week of life, they stuck her with needles every day. At 6 days old she had surgery to remove tumor, which was benign! Doctors wanted to perform a spinal tap to confirm LCH (Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis), a rare form of cancer that affects 1:200,000 children. My husband and I prayed she wouldn’t have it. The computers in the hospital shut down before they were able to do the spinal tap. They couldn’t explain why they went down, but they discharged us just before the computers came back up. Never doubt your prayers!

I came to Stonecreek in January and was just baptized August 17. I’ve experienced some major changes in my life since then. My kids wake up every morning and want to come to church. And I want to help and encourage others going through hard times. 

Never give up faith, never give up hope, there’s always a good ending and a brighter tomorrow. Always know that God is with you, carrying you through your hardest struggles.