At some point every one of us has thought, “There has got to be more to life than this.” The more success we achieve, the more we realize it can never fully measure up. We have a sense of emptiness. Everything we have worked to achieve seems superficial. What if there was more to it? What if we could have a life that moves beyond superficiality and engages our heart? The good news is, yes, there is more to it.  Let’s find it together.   

Week 1  |  01/10/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

The Heart

The invention of the television changed everything. With this new technology companies could market their product in each and every home in America. It was at this moment we begin to say the phrase “If I could have ______, my life would be much better!” Join us as we ask the question, “What could we do/address in our life that wouldn’t leave us with the feeling like something’s missing? 

Week 2  |  01/17/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

What are you running after? 

We live in a day in age where everything around us has been created for our pleasure. Restaurants are everywhere with our favorite foods, gyms are in our neighborhoods for convenience and grocery stores are a dime a dozen. But even with everything we want surrounding us, we know there is more to it. Join us as we discover whats missing. 

Week 3|  01/24/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

Practices and Approach

Have you ever found yourself saying “There has to be more to it!” So often we find ourselves realizing that somethings missing in life when we are discontent or we are lacking in satisfaction. Join us this week as we discover that our heart is the missing piece and what we must do to bring it life. 


Week 4|  01/31/2016  |  Chris Crutchley


As we continue to look at the life of David we know that he was a great warrior, that he defeats a giant, and He becomes a great king. But what helped him accomplish all these great things? Could it be his friend Jonathan? Join us as we discover that we need friendships to help us be who God created us to be. 

Week 5|  02/7/2016|  Steven Gibbs

Personal Investment

We’ve all experienced situations or events in life that didn’t measure up to our expectations. At the end when we thought we would feel great and full of joy, but we were left feeling less something’s missing. What if it were told to you that if you would invest 5% of you life into one thing that you will feel as though you life had purpose and meaning. Join us as we see the difference that personal investment can make in the lives of those around us.