At Stonecreek, we believe everyone has a place, and that place is in community with others.  Community is central to knowing Jesus and following Jesus. So, who is your group? While we can’t promise best-friends, we can connect you with some other people in our church and community ready to share a meal, read the Bible and pray together, and then do stuff with what you’re learning about Jesus. 

It’s simple. Click the button and let’s find you a group. 


Being a leader does not mean you have all the answers. Being a leader means that you are willing to go first. If you have a desire to connect with other people and lead them to know and follow Jesus, click the button and take that first step. You will answer a few questions, and then we will help every step of the way. Leading a group is way easier than you think, and a lot more rewarding than we could begin to explain.