Congratulations on your engagement!

The next few months will be a very unique and exciting time in your life. We believe the wedding ceremony not only marks the beginning of a life-long marriage relationship, it is also a physical picture of the covenant God has made with us in Christ.

your next step

As a church we want to offer any assistance we can in helping you establish a solid foundation for your marriage.  Our pastors always view each couple as unique and significant to God. Be assured, we want to help each couple that comes to Stonecreek prepare for a life-long marriage.

If you would like one of Stonecreek’s pastors to participate in your marriage ceremony, and pre-marital counseling:

  1. FIRST, review our guidelines below.
  2. SECOND, fill out an interest form letting us know you would like a pastor to contact you about pre-marital counseling and performing your wedding. A pastor may need to refer you to one of our counseling partners for the pre-marital process, but will follow up with you to plan your ceremony. 


  1.  We encourage a minimum of six (6) months engagement and at least four (4) months before the ceremony.
  2. We require each couple to participate in pre-marital counseling. This process is usually between 4 and 6 sessions, and includes the pre-marital inventory PREPARE/ENRICH. The pre-marital counseling is at the couple's expense, and can be done with a Stonecreek pastor (depending on schedule and availability), or with one of our counseling partners (see below). You can also participate in a marriage preparation seminar at another pre-approved Bible-teaching Christian church. These requirements should be pre-approved by the officiating pastor from Stonecreek Church. 
  3. Couples living together are encouraged to separate physically and abstain from further sexual relations during their engagement. In our experience, we have found that couples willing to do this demonstrate to each other their commitment and ability to remain faithful after marriage. This also establishes a strong bond of trust. Research indicates that cohabiting couples are 50% more likely to divorce within the first 10 years than couples who live separately prior to marriage. It is understood that extenuating circumstances, such as a couple owning a home together or the presence of children, may permit exceptions to this general policy. Stonecreek pastors have the liberty to choose a course of action that seems most appropriate in each individual case, keeping in mind that God’s grace is sufficient for all situations. Whatever final arrangements are made prior to the wedding, the couple should have a clear understanding of the purpose of this temporary separation and should be in agreement as to its spiritual significance.
  4. Our pastors will invest time in your marriage which may draw them away from other church duties and their families. Any travel expense should be reimbursed to the pastor officiating the ceremony. While our pastors do not charge a fee for performing weddings, a minimum gratuity of $250 is encouraged, with a more generous gratuity appropriate as you see fit. This gratuity is to be given directly to the officiating pastor and not to Stonecreek Church.
  5. Due to time constraints, our pastors are not available for the wedding rehearsal. The pastor will go over the ceremony with the couple. In the event that a wedding coordinator or director is used by the couple, it is the couple’s responsibility to communicate with their coordinator the pastor’s order of worship.
  6. Each pastor’s schedule and personal convictions about marriage will also impact your marriage preparation. These can be discussed during an initial meeting with the pastor.

Our Pre-Marital Counseling Partners

LifeGate Counseling Pre-Marital Process
Ryan Jackson, 404-842-3142,

Purchase a counseling package (5 or 8 sessions), or the couple can complete a PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment and schedule counseling sessions to review their assessment.

Atlanta Center For Marriages Pre-Marital Process
Tim Bouman, 404-271-9009,

This is typically a 5 session process at the counselor's normal rate. Contact Atlanta Center for Marriages to discuss specifics around the process and pricing.

The Summit Counseling Center
Main Office: 678-893-5300

The Summit Counseling Center offers IGNITE, a 6-hour Pre-Marital Counseling workshop that prepares a couple to enter into a relationship based upon sacrificial love for one another, and to place the needs of others before the needs of self. Individuals will work with Stonecreek and their main office to determine schedule and pricing.