love your neighbor as yourself

- Mark 12:31

we are community to Apartments

There are more than 22 apartments in a five-mile radius of Stonecreek. Research has shown in our area that 50% of the roughly 13,000 apartment residents don't know anyone in their apartment complex, nor have any feeling of community. On top of that, 80% of them don't have any connection to a church family - that's roughly 10,000 people right here who may not know what it means to have hope in Jesus.

If you believe, like we do, that the local church has the hope of Jesus, then we invite you to join with us to bring community and faith to each of the 22 apartment communities in our backyard. Stonecreek Church has a strategy and a model to mobilize, organize, equip and release missionaries into our local community.


Which apartment communities will Stonecreek make a priority?

We believe in having a clear, simple focus. Therefore, we will start with the following few communities within five-miles of Stonecreek Church: Deerfield Village, Northpark Estates, IMT Deerfield, Stoneleigh at Deerfield, Camden Deerfield, The Venue Big Creek, and Lakes at Windward

What roles are you looking to fill?

Our primary goal is to find adults our families who already live in one of the above apartment communities, or are willing to move into one of these communities. As we get going there will be other volunteer roles needed to help with events and other community outreach initiatives.

Is Stonecreek partnering with anyone on this initiative?

Yes! We are excited to partner with Apartment Life, and their proven track record working in the apartment industry. Our partnership will include assistance with training, access to resources, and help in mobilizing people from our church into apartments where Apartment Life already has a connection.

How long is the commitment for those who move into an apartment?

While there is not a set time for each person(s), we believe a minimum commitment of 1-2 years is needed to build community and make an impact.

Use the buttons below to learn more and express interest. You are not signing up or making any commitment if you express interest. One of our team will contact you very soon. You can also e-mail our Apartment Team at


There are more than 400,000 foster children nationwide. Nearly 13,000 in Georgia. And only 25 to 30 percent of the necessary families to serve them. The number of foster children needing care, and the lack of available foster families, at first seems overwhelming.

If you believe, like we do, that the local church has a biblical mandate to care for widows and orphans, then this problem is not as unsolvable as it initially appears. Stonecreek Church wants to raise awareness and provide assistance to further FaithBridge's mission. We believe FaithBridge Foster Care has a strategy and a model to mobilize, organize, equip and release local churches and local communities to solve our country’s foster care crisis. Together, we stand in the gap for foster children and foster families.

All of our volunteer interest for FaithBridge goes through FaithBridge's Web site. There are many types of volunteers needed, whether you want to provide meals or babysitting, or you might someday want to serve as a foster parent. 

Other Areas To Get Involved

We have great volunteer teams of adults and students who serve others on Sunday morning. There are also several global opportunities coming up to help you make an impact on a broader level. Wherever you choose to get involved, we look forward to joining with you as we show others the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Not sure where to start? Join our upcoming What's Next Tour, a 90-minute behind the scenes glimpse and interactive info session of all our ministries in action.