Jesus = Victory

This Easter, join us as we explore the story of a God who defeated death, sin, and the grave and rose victorious after three days. In Jesus, we have victory and we find our salvation. 

Week 1  |  03/20/2016  |  Joey McLaughlin

Come And See

After Jesus' death, his followers were terrified that everything they had believed in was coming to an end. But after three days, they began hearing whispers that something miraculous had happened. Those who had seen that Jesus had risen from the grave invited others to come and see, and Jesus himself even invited his followers to come and see the nail holes in his hands and the wound in his side so that they might believe. This Easter, we have the same opportunity. There's someone you know who's just one invitation away from seeing that Jesus is alive and having their life radically transformed. In this message, Joey McLaughlin explains the significance behind Jesus' return and exactly how to invited people you know to "come and see" this Easter Sunday.

Week 2  |  03/27/2016  |  Steven Gibbs

Easter Sunday - 2016

We love to celebrate victories. We pump our fist in the air signifying that we won, we pour gatorade on our coaches to celebrate our victory, we have champagne showers after winning the championship. We love victory. The greatest victory to date is Jesus overcoming death. Join us as we discover that what you believe about the resurrection of Jesus changes your everyday life.