I Love My Church

The word church evokes a ton of images.  We have experiences from when we were younger or assumptions from another experience that colors everything we understand about church. Certainly “love” might not be used when referencing our church experience. But what if “my" church could be different from what we have considered church to be in the past? What if church is not some gathering, or building, but a movement of people with increasing clarity around God’s specific design for their mission? What if this movement of people is intended to come together to bring change to the world? Seems like that could be powerful! Join us for our upcoming series “I Love My Church”, where we explore God’s desire for what church should be.

Week 1  |  8/17/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 4  |  9/7/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 2  |  8/24/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 5  |  9/14/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 3  |  8/31/2014  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 7  |  9/28/2014  |  Steven Gibbs