Dangerous: Pushing back the darkness

Nice. Careful. Expected. Calculated.  Are these the words you would use to describe your world? Are these the words you want used to describe the effect your life has on those around you? Probably not.  God's intention for your life is not to maintain the status quo, but to be dangerous in parts of the world that are broken. Your life is designed to bring truth into confusion, shine light into dark places, and express love where things are tough and messy. Living this type of life requires a different way of thinking.  Be dangerous. Push back the darkness. 

Week 1  |  01/4/2015  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 4  |  01/25/2015  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 2  |  01/11/2015  |   Steven Gibbs

Week 5  |  01/1/2015  |  Steven Gibbs

Week 3  |  01/18/2015  |   Steven Gibbs