Don’t Give Up on Hope

I was born to a meth-addicted mother and didn’t know my dad. I am one of five children (one of my brothers just recently got out of prison and committed suicide). We were split up at a very young age and bounced around between different foster homes. My mother died when I was 7. Later, my brother and I were adopted and lived with my adopted father. I grew up without a mother, but was close to my grandmother. She died when I was ten. We moved from Cherokee County to Alpharetta when I was 13. It was hard to leave my friends behind. I spiraled downward into depression and drug addiction. I was arrested and spent time in Juvenile detention. 

My dad sent me to rehab in Augusta for 6 months. The older kids there repeatedly beat me. I gave up hope and decided I was a lost cause. My roommate saved me when I tried to commit suicide. I went back to my dad, but it wasn’t a healthy relationship and he kicked me out. I started working construction, but was still struggling with my addictions. I realized that without a high school education I wouldn’t get very far in life. I wanted an education. I wanted to live drug-free. I also wanted to have a relationship with Jesus. 

I am now part of a family. Thanks to the love of the Stonecreek family who took me in, my life is turning around. I am making my way through my struggles with the love and support of the church and the student ministry leadership. At the Stonecreek Escape Student Retreat I shared my story with my peers. I hope my story will encourage others to have hope and ask for help.