Those being saved." -acts 2:47

Our mission at Stonecreek Church is to lead people to follow Jesus. We want to see the Lord move in our church and community like He did in the early church in Acts. To keep this mission in front of us every day throughout the year, we created the 365 Light Wall.

The 365 Light Wall reminds us that Jesus is the only true light and hope of the world (John 8:12). The wall is also a place where we celebrate the 365 people who will be added to our number daily between Easter 2015 and Easter 2016. Whenever we know someone is baptized at Stonecreek or makes a decision to follow Jesus, we turn on a new light at the wall.



Deciding to follow Jesus is the most important decision you can ever make in life. Saying yes to Jesus Christ makes Him more than a religious icon, it makes him your personal Savior. Whether you have decided to follow Jesus for the first time, or as a part of renewing your walk with Him, we believe there are four important next steps. 

Tell Someone.

If you have not already done so, stop by the 365 Light Wall and tell one of our Encouragers about your decision. We want to celebrate with you as you light a new light on the wall. 

You can also click the Next Step button above and use the prompts on the form to share a few sentences about your decision to follow Jesus. This form goes to a pastor on staff who will follow up with you.


A big part of following Jesus is engaging and processing what the Bible says about Jesus, and asking what we are supposed to do with what we learn. 

Click the Next Step button above and use the prompts to receive a couple of suggestions around reading the Bible. You can also check out this 7-Day Bible Reading Plan, Beginning A Relationship With Jesus. This plan will help answer some of the first questions many have about following Jesus.


The New Testament in the Bible teaches that new believers were baptized as soon as possible after they decided to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Water baptism is also an act of obedience to the command of Christ found in Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Click the Next Step button above and follow the prompts to register for our next baptism celebration. 


Missional Community (MC) is at the heart of what we do to connect, equip and mobilize everyone at Stonecreek with the truth and hope of the good news about Jesus. Not only will you learn what it means to follow Jesus, you will begin to live it out.

Click the Next Step button above and follow the prompts to let us know you're interested in joining a Missional Community.


we can help.

Following Jesus combines two things: God’s amazing love and your acceptance of what that amazing love has done for you. God’s love was exhibited in His Son, Jesus Christ, when He died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead. In Christ you are forgiven, and have a new life. When you believe in Jesus and decide to follow Him, God’s love, forgiveness and amazing grace become yours.

FIRST, we want to help you know Jesus and why He came.

The Bible tells us that our sin separates us from God. Jesus came to earth as God incarnate. He is God the Son, eternally one with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. He alone can forgive our sins and give salvation. (See John 8:58-59, Mark 2:5, & Luke 7:48-49) Jesus said that He came that we might have life to the full here on earth, and that He was the only way to Heaven. (See John 10:10, John 11:25 & John 14:6)  Click here to learn more about Jesus.


SECOND, we want to help you know what a follower of Jesus believes.

As a follower of Jesus, there are several important beliefs that go along with your faith. At the core, we believe there is One True God; the sovereign, eternal Creator of all that exists, both seen and unseen. We also believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the only inspired, infallible, inerrant, authoritative Word of God. They are our supreme and final authority. 

We believe God created people in His image. Adam and Eve, the first human beings, chose to disobey God. This is called sin, and it broke their relationship with God. As a result, all mankind became separated from God. But, we believe that when a person believes and claims faith in Christ, he or she passes immediately out of spiritual death into spiritual life, from the old creation into the new.

We believe the Holy Spirit is a person, He is God. He lives in all believers, allowing them to walk with God forever from the moment of salvation. We also believe in the spiritual unity of believers in Jesus Christ — expressed through a local church — who have agreed together to walk with God. Christ is the head of the church, and the Holy Spirit is its guide.

Click here to see more detail around these beliefs, including Scriptures that highlight where the belief is found in God's Word.


FINALLY, we want to help you know how to state your faith and claim Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Once you know who Jesus is, what it means to believe in Him and have decided to follow Him, simply take a minute and confess your faith to God. Here is a guide:

Dear God, I know mankind needs a Savior and I know I can’t save myself. Jesus, I believe you’re the Son of God; I believe you died on the cross for my sins and God raised you from the dead. Right now, I confess you as my Lord, as my Savior, as the one who forgives me and restores me. Thank you, Jesus– my past is forgiven and I have a relationship with you. I’m a new creation in Christ because I’ve decided to follow you. Amen.

 If you confess your faith in Jesus, LET US KNOW. Go to the top of this page and follow the next steps we have outlined.


What we have listed above is a brief overview. Use the buttons below to learn more about Jesus and our beliefs. You can also contact us with more specific questions. One of our pastors will get in touch with you.